Why choose a Law firm over a Conveyancing firm?

Choosing a Law firm over a Conveyancing firm is a smart choice for a variety of reasons. While both are professionals who specialise in property transactions, there are some key differences between the two.

First and foremost, lawyers have a much broader scope of knowledge and expertise compared to conveyancers. They are able to provide legal advice on a wide range of issues, including property law, contract law, and taxation law. This means that if any legal issues arise during the property transaction, a lawyer will be able to provide professional legal advice and representation.

Another advantage of choosing a lawyer over a conveyancer is that they are authorized to represent clients in court. This could be particularly useful if the property transaction becomes embroiled in disputes or litigation.

Finally, all Law firms are licensed and insured, which provides an extra layer of protection for their clients. If anything goes wrong during the transaction due to the lawyer’s errors or omissions, the client will typically have a recourse or be protected by the lawyer’s insurance.

Bond Conveyancing is a licensed law firm that utilises not only lawyers but also conveyancers within our team to assist our clients with their matters, this is to ensure we deliver cost effective legal solutions.

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