Why did Bond Conveyancing chose a B2B2C model?

Legaltech is so far behind similar industries such as real estate (proptech) and finance (fintech) that the idea of creating a digitally enabled property law firm was very appealing.

It would improve the experience for our clients and our team members and provide a point of difference in the market. As we went about building the technology we met with a lot of homeowners and the industries that we work most closely with in the transaction – finance and property.

We quickly found that while there was a pain point for clients, property lawyers and conveyancers, the biggest issue was the lack of support and inclusion for two of the services that are most important to the transaction. The real estate agents and mortgage brokers.

When we started building out our technology, not only did we closely consider the customer experience and the experience for our team members, but we built everything with the real estate agent and mortgage broker at the center of our thinking.

We did this by asking ourselves two main questions before every major decision:

1. How would the technology we are building help them provide a better experience to our mutual client?

2. What could we add to our processes that would keep them closer to the transaction and more informed?

If you are a mortgage broker or real estate agency and would like to discuss a partnership with Bond Conveyancing, email us at contact@bondc.com.au

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