As Australia’s population continues to increase the importance of property development remains important and if done correctly, very profitable. However, the industry  is susceptible to complications and issues, and due to the industry specific legislation and surrounding Building and Construction Law it is necessary to retain experienced conveyancing professionals who regularly practice in this field.


At Bond Conveyancing our lawyers and conveyancers provide customised advice and services across the property and construction field. Whether it be in the form of standard building construct for smaller residential builds or custom drafted agreements to reflect the size, complexity and individuality of the project, it is critical to have someone in your corner with the expertise to protect your interests and to draft those agreements with precision and sufficient detail to cover the wide range of variables that arise in building and property development.

Bond Conveyancing is technology enabled but always people first which means that while we have invested heavily in industry leading technology to reduce risk and expedite the process, our local team of conveyancing professionals is always available over the phone or online.

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