Buying a property is a significant decision and an exciting time for most people. Our dedicated property law and conveyancing team offer extensive experience and expertise whether you are buying your next family home, buying an investment property or pursuing a commercial venture.

When you come to Bond Conveyancing  you will be allocated an experienced lawyer or conveyancer at the commencement of your file who will look after you throughout the entire process and be available via telephone or online as much as you need. 

Before buying a property it is important to obtain proper legal advice to ensure you understand exactly what you agreeing to before you sign, to negotiate the terms of the contract and prevent any problems arising later.

Contract Review

You can be confident that we will not give you incomplete advice, reviewing a Contract of Sale can be time consuming but we believe it is essential to your protection as a purchaser in both understanding what you are entering into, what is and is not included and knowing what your rights are.

We will take the time to advise you on everything you need to know including GST and land tax, stamp duty, risk (and how to minimize it), title and restrictions – such as easements and caveats, information from making enquiries to council and alike.

Buying “Off-The-Plan”

Buying off-the-plan refers to buying a property that does not yet physically exist other than as a drawing or a proposed plan. This means that you are essentially buying a ‘promise’ that the seller will complete the development as agreed. This type of purchase comes with the inherent risk that you might not get what you paid for. Once can understand how this increases the importance of proper legal advice when it comes to off-the-plan contracts.

At Bond Conveynancing we ensure that you are aware of both the benefits and the risks when purchasing off the plan and we use our expertise and knowledge of the market to give you confidence in your purchase and the avoidance of risk.

Bond Conveyancing is technology enabled but always people first which means that while we have invested heavily in industry leading technology to reduce risk and expedite the process, our local team of conveyancing professionals is always available over the phone or online.

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