Standard Costs Disclosure – Purchase (VIC)

Legal Profession Uniform Law s.174(5)


Bond Conveyancing Pty Ltd (ACN 658 433 508) of Level 2, 369 Royal Parade, Parkville in the State of Victoria (“Us / We”).


We confirm you have instructed us to act on your behalf in relation to this matter.  We shall undertake all of the matters outlined below.

  • Receive your initial instructions in respect of your purchase of the above property.
  • Review a Contract of Sale of Real Estate and Vendor’s Statement.
  • Conduct all necessary legal enquiries and obtain all necessary certificates concerning the property.
  • Prepare all transfer documents to complete your purchase settlement.
  • Prepare all Duties Online transfer forms as legally required by State Revenue Office and Land Titles Office to complete your purchase settlement.
  • Advise you on all stamp duty concessions and government grants where applicable to your circumstances.
  • If required and applicable, receive and review the Vendor’s Capital Gains Clearance Certificate on your behalf.
  • Prepare the statement of adjustments, attend to all pre-settlement tasks, and arrange and attend settlement on your behalf.
  • Attend to all on-line stamp duty lodgement tasks on your behalf.
  • Liaise with your chosen lender and/ or broker to confirm those applicable stamp duty concessions and government grants have been communicated to them.
  • All correspondence and attendances and advice to you generally relating to all the above bullet points within this ‘what we will do for you’ section.

It is important to note that we will not be undertaking the following on your behalf:  

  • Provide any financial or accounting advice. You should seek your own independent advise from your financial adviser and accountant in this regard.
  • Advise you on any commercial risks.
  • Make enquiries in respect of the commercial viability of your transaction.
  • Be held accountable for any administrative or internal banking tasks whatsoever undertaken by your chosen lender which may delay settlement, or cause errors in calculating either your final mortgage discharge figure at settlement, or any ultimate duties.
  • Be held accountable for any final determination made by the Statement Revenue Office or ATO as to any duties or taxes you may be liable for (in their ultimate discretion).

Please let us know as soon as possible if we have misunderstood any aspect of this work.  If the scope of the work changes, we will need to discuss this with you.


Legal Costs: Our Estimated total cost of our legal services (excluding GST) will be the fixed rate as specified in the email quotation provided.  Please note this is not inclusive of GST or disbursements. 

Disbursements:  Disbursements are the third part costs incurred by us on your behalf.  The estimated amount for disbursements for your matter is as detailed in the table below. 

Property certificates$200+GST (estimate only)
Owners Corporation Certificate (each)$180+GST
Verification of identity – remote – digital$50+GST
Verification of identity – in office$90+GST
Verification of identity – post office$50+GST (estimate only)
Paper settlement (CBD Metro)$300+GST
Paper settlement (Regional)$400+GST

Potential Additional Legal Costs (if applicable):  The following table shows our estimated total costs of legal services (excluding GST) on the fixes rate as identified below, if you determine to use those specific services.

Caveat for Purchase Clients$200.00+GST Plus PEXA fee Plus lodging fee
Licence Agreement Preparation Fee$700.00+GST
Notice of default and recission$750+GST

ESTIMATED FULL AMOUNT YOU WILL NEED TO PAY: Legal Costs plus Disbursements plus Potential additional Legal Costs (if applicable) GST

This is an estimate only.  We will inform you if anything happens that significantly changes this estimate.  If our professional fee is likely to be more than $3,000 (before GST and disbursements are added) we will provide you with a full disclosure of costs in writing.

We may also request that you provide us with payment in advance of us incurring a disbursement on your behalf. These funds will be held in our trust account until payment of the disbursement is required.


  • Ask for an explanation of this form.
  • Negotiate a costs agreement with us.
  • Negotiate the billing method (eg. Timing or task).
  • Request a written progress report of costs incurred. 
  • Receive a written bill for work done.
  • Request an itemised bill.
  • Contact your local regulatory authority. 


Information sheets for consumers [PDF, 228KB] and legal practitioners [PDF, 253KB] explain this form.


Fee Sharing, Commission or Benefit

You acknowledge and agree that you are informed and are fully aware that we may share our fees and / or pay or receive a commission or benefit from a third party in relation to the work we undertake on your behalf. Any sharing of our fees or payment or receipt of any commission or benefit will not affect the legal fees payable by you to us and the nature of any sharing of our fees and / or payment or receipt of a commission or benefit from a third party will be a monetary or a percentage of fees.   It is important to note that you have a right under Rule 12.4.3(ii) of the Legal Profession Uniform Law to refuse any referral to a third party or object.  If you wish to discuss this aspect in detail please do not hesitate to contact us.  If you continue to instruct us we are deeming that you have given informed consent to this provision.

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